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We are NOT platform. We are incubating original tours to know and feel FUKUSHIMA one step deeper. All of our tours are the best we believe.


We help you anything you hope. If you have any questions about FUKUSHIMA, please feel free to contact us. We try the best.



Fukushima tour director

Takuto is originally from Aichi pref. and went to Tohoku University in Sendai, Tohoku which is next to Fukushima. After he graduated university, he joined KNOT WORLD Co.,Ltd.

When he was university student, he often went to Fukushima as a volunteer staff or any other activities and talked with lots of people in Fukushima.

There are many problem in this area but he think the tour help to resolve those problem.
He hope this tour change life of all people, who live in there and who join the tour into something even better.

Fumito, SASAKI

Fumito, SASAKI


Fumito is originally from Ehime pref., his farther from Miyagi pref. which is next to Fukushima, and his wife from Fukushima pref.

Before founding KNOT WORLD, Fumito worked for Boston Consulting Group, a global consulting farm. He have BA of the University of Tokyo.

Fukushima is 3rd largest prefecture in Japan. Situation is different between coast side and inland area, but many people don't think so.
He believe that these tours make a KNOT between Fukushima and the world and guests' trip special and locals' life wealthy in mental and physical aspects

What guests say



Exceptional Day. One of a Kind Experience

A unique combination of educational, fun and mentally stimulating experience. I can’t recommed this tour enough, it was an exceptional day.
Very well organized and meticulously well thought out schedule of events.

Tazbir S

Tazbir S

Fukushima- The Phoenix Bird of Japan

The tour was great! Comfortable journey with English speaking guide will show you a clear picture of Fukushima's pain & willingness of rebuilding the whole city from ashes!
The desperate desire of prosperity and tales of local inhabitants will open your eyes & one can find the Phoenix bird of Japan through this amazing trip!

Malyashree B

Malyashree B

Fukushima Disaster Area trip

One of the most memorable trips of my life. It had a huge impact on me. I was able to see the real situation of the areas affected by the Fukushima nuclear disaster. While it was heartbreaking and unsettling to see the loss and devastation I was also glad to see that the people of Fukushima hasn't given up and are trying to come back to areas that are outside the exclusion zone.

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